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Hobbies That Can Evolve Your Mindset

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Thank You!

My Thank You! So, I’m getting close to my three-month anniversary of being given the gift of life through my

My Colostomy . . .

My Colostomy . . . So Dr. Vrees and I signed off on the paperwork for my permanent colostomy on

My Camera . . .

My Camera. . . So if you listened to or read last week’s installment, you may recall that my surgeon,

My SBO #2 …

My SBO #2… So last week we talked about my first small bowel obstruction, which happened in the middle of

My first small bowel obstruction…

My first small bowel obstruction… So, I had my ileostomy reversed on August 10, 2020. Dr. Vrees, my surgeon, kept

My Second Surgery…

My Second Surgery… Hi everyone!  Welcome to week eleven.  So a quick recap… I was diagnosed with Stage III Rectal

My Weird Problems. . .

My Weird Problems… So Part II of my cancer journey was pretty much all of 2020…yes, Covid 2020. And my

My Surgery #1

My Surgery #1 Alright, by Thanksgiving 2019, I had completed all of my chemo and all of my radiation.  I

Take a Pause…

Take a Pause… Imagine if life had a “pause” button.  When you were tired, you could hit pause and then

7 Tips for Creating a Meditation Space at Home

7 Tips for Creating a Meditation Space at Home Written by Matt Schwimmer The past year hasn’t been too kind

My Radiation…

My Radiation… So, as I quickly think about radiation, it doesn’t seem like it was that big of a deal. 

My Chemo – the last 6 cycles…

My Chemo – the last 6 cycles… Ok, so last week you heard about my first two chemo cycles, which

My chemo #1 and #2…

My chemo #1 and #2… So I got Peter my Port installed on July 17th and then only two days

My Port…

My Port… Ok, so I got back from San Diego on July 6, 2019.  I met with Dr. Breakstone (my

My Shaman…

My Shaman… The next part of my cancer journey literally involved a journey.  Well, a few types of journeys, actually.

Colon Cancer Awareness Month​: Warwick Woman Shares Her Story​

Colon Cancer Awareness Month Warwick Woman Shares Her Story March 24, 2021 9:03 am by Doreen Scanlon ABC 6 News

My Team…

My team… Ok, so a quick recap.  In May 2019, I had a long-overdue colonoscopy.  I was basically diagnosed with

Telling My Son…

Telling My Son… My Oldest… One of the first things out of my mouth, after being told I had a

My Diagnosis…

My Diagnosis… I delivered my last baby in the summer of 2017.  And afterwards, I never felt quite right.  My

Coming out of the Closet…

Coming out of the Closet… So, when I went to school a gazillion years ago, we were trained to be


Disclosure … So in graduate school, budding therapists are taught that transparency is a bad thing.  We are taught that

4 Wellness Basics You Need to Blossom With Health and Happiness

4 Wellness Basics You Need to Blossom With Health and Happiness Written by Jason Wellness isn’t just a destination —

Returning to therapy in the COVID age: Is Telehealth becoming the new house call?

Returning to therapy in the COVID age: Is Telehealth becoming the new house call? Written by Amanda Rubio The first


Labels… The idea of being “labeled” is often times uncomfortable and many people scoff at it.  And while that makes


Comparison… There you are…in your new dress.  Or your new car.  Or your new hat.  Or your new whatever.  And

2021 – the year of hindsight

2021 – the year of hindsight So, I was just reviewing my New Year’s blog from 2020 and boy oh

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays The phrase “the holidays” has many, many different meanings.  We can be talking about Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, the

Flexibility (reprised)

Flexibility (reprised) So there is a relatively clear order of operations in regards to getting what you want. The first


Overwhelmed So, this time of year often brings a huge feeling of being overwhelmed.  We have parties and dinners and

Covid Holidays

The Covid Holidays… We are deep, and I mean deep into this whole Corona-virus thing.  It’s been months and months. 

Covid Guilt

Covid Guilt Ok, so we are months, and I mean MONTHS deep into this whole Covid thing.  And I can



Language Self-talk is by far the topic that is most often discussed in my treatment room.  And typically, when the

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love As humans, we are hard wired to be connected to our care givers, whether they are parents, grandparents,


STUCK Everyone gets stuck in one way or another. Writers have a fun thing called “writers block.” People working on


Self-care… So, some of you may have noticed a lack of Here to There blogs and vlogs for the past


Masks… So there is a misconception out there that we are living in an unprecedented time.  However, pandemics are not


This got me to thinking.  Does everyone look for the same basic qualities in a friend?  Sure, maybe “manners” as

The Third Side

The third side… Most of us know that there are two sides to our brain.  The left side of our


Media… So we are all exposed to the media pretty much all of the time, whether it’s on our phones,


Inclusion… As humans, we are hard wired to be connected to one another.  And this connection happens in lots of


Motivation… There are two types of motivation.  The one that comes from inside which is called intrinsic motivation and one


Outcome… Day #1 = So there are some days when getting things done is easy.  The motivation is there.  The

The Empath

The Empath… The world is on fire around us.  And it is devastating.  And my heart aches. And as I

Fight with Love

Confrontation… Humans fight.  They fight with their partners.  They fight with their families.  They fight with outsiders.  They fight with


Covid… So, we are now weeks and weeks into the Covid-19 (I had to add this word to my dictionary…weird)


Sex…    So as human beings, we were designed to physically enjoy sex.  We are naturally wired to get pleasure

I Understand

I understand… Have you ever been in the middle of a situation, possibly a crisis, and you are explaining the

Asking For Help: From Others And From Self

Asking For Help: From Others and From Self For some reason, our society here in the US has seemingly decided

Be Relentless

Love Languages: How Do You Love You?

Love Languages: How Do You Love You? So there’s lots of talk about love languages and about how we give


Happiness Is Not a Destination

2020.. The Year of Vision

2020.. The Year of Vision Welcome to 2020.  This is a special year and I’m here to tell you why. 

Welcome to Here to There Wellness

Holiday Let Down

Holiday Let Down.. Remember when you were little and all you could think about from the time the Thanksgiving turkey


Mistakes    So we all make mistakes.  Every single one of us.  Sometimes they are big and obvious.  Sometimes they


Boundaries…    So we all have that person in our life that makes us crazy yet we keep around. This


Curiosity…    Some people are more naturally curious than others.  They tend to ask lots of questions and always seem


Codependency…    As a person in the modern world, you have likely heard of the word “codependency.”  You may have

The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect…    So I do a treatment called Accelerated Resolution Therapy and I swear to you, that if

It’s Not Just About You…

It’s Not Just About You…    Have you ever seen a car that takes up two parking spaces?  Or a

First Impressions

First Impressions…    So many people might say that first impressions are not a big deal.  And that they shouldn’t

Personal Space…

Personal Space…    Everyone has an idea as to what appropriate personal space is.  Some of it is directly linked

Own It

Own it… As we know, people make mistakes.  Frequently.  It is simply a part of the human condition.  Now, how


Toxicity So there is an unfortunate truth in the world that simply cannot be ignored.  Many people like to try


Everybody makes mistakes. This is a given. Sometimes the mess ups are big and sometimes they are small. Sometimes the cleanup takes a lot of effort and sometimes it’s more about a personal feeling of failure. But at the end of the day, there is simply no way around the fact that we all make mistakes.

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages So there is this book that you may have heard of.  It’s called The 5 Love

Spreading Positive Thoughts and Feelings

Spreading Positive Thoughts and Feelings​    Do you ever see a stranger and think, “Oh wow…that’s a really pretty dress.” 


Celebrations… Have you ever noticed that when someone gets married, they often spend a ton of money to throw a

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love We all know that one person that would be so awesome if… She was more thoughtful She stopped

Giving and Receiving Love

Giving and Receiving Love I’d like to start by saying that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.  Not

Battling Demon #2

Battling Demons #2 I know that we have talked about the idea that everyone is battling some sort of demon

The Carousal

The Carousal You know how sometimes you have someone in your life that does something once, then twice, then again

Happy is not a Destination

Happy Is Not a Destination You have all heard the expression, “Enjoy the journey”, right?  Well, what does that mean

Wants and Needs

Wants and Needs    Sometimes people ask for things, things like advice, hugs, money, time, etc.  And sometimes these are


Anger So what purpose does anger serve?  Is there a purpose?  A good purpose?  What does it do for us? 

Good Deeds

Good Deeds Social media is a wonderful place to see all of the wonderful things that people do.  Some people


Perseverance So people fail…all the time. It’s part of life, it’s part of the world we live in.  Sometimes people

Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows Highs and lows There are few guarantees in this world.  Well, really, there are only three.  The


Contact So you know that one friend you have that you miss terribly?  Maybe it’s somebody that lives far away

Brain vs Body

Brain vs Body So our brains are smart…super smart.  Our brains plan for us.  They store information for us.  They


Relationships    How many times have you wondered to yourself (or to your friend or to your mom or to

Toxic Relationship Termination

Toxic Relationship Termination So, let’s say that you’ve come to the conclusion that the relationship you are in with your


Birthday… Birthday Person #1: So it’s my birthday!  Again!  And I’m super excited!  As I think back on the last


Practice    I’m sure you remember when you were little and had to write your spelling words a whole bunch


Value Everyone has value.  And we assign a value to everyone we meet.  This is likely not something that you


Flexibility    There is a relatively clear order of operations in regards to getting what you want.  The first thing


Affirmations    So, have you ever tried to list qualities in others that you find attractive?  Not necessarily “sexy” attractive,


Negativity    Everyone is negative some of the time.  Some people are negative more of the time and some people


Expectations    Expectations are funny, funny things and we all have them.  When they are met, we feel amazing and


Spite    People hurt each other.  It is an unfortunate fact of life yet it is a given.  Everybody hurts


Love    What is love?  How do you describe it?  Would you say it feels “warm”?  Do you talk about

Who’s Watching?

Who’s Watching?    You’ve heard the expression, “dance like no one’s watching”, right?  Of course you have.  Everyone has.  And


Tribe    We, as humans, are hard-wired to establish connections withothers.  We need to feel loved and caredfor.  We need


Silence…    Sitting with someone that’s crying is hard.  It’s very hard.  We have a natural tendency to want to

Change – the Only Thing in Life That’s Constant

Change – The Only Thing In LIfe That’s Constant If I had told you at the start of 2018 that

Be Relentless

Be Relentless We have said goodbye to 2018 and have now ushered in 2019.  Many people have high hopes at


Mistakes It’s true.  We all make mistakes.  Every single one of us.  Sometimes they are due to carelessness. Sometimes they


Demons We never know what demons someone is battling.  But I can guarantee you that everyone is.  Everyone is struggling

Happy Holidays! Or is it?

Happy Holidays! Or is it? The holidays can be a wonderful time of year.  It’s a time thought of to

Watching Others Suffer

Watching Others Suffer Watching a loved one suffer is never fun. EVER. It is difficult because there is often little


Gratitude November is considered the “month of gratitude” by many people since this is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Now,

What Is Your Identity?

What is Your Identity? There are lots of things that go into making up our identities and all of us

Is Your Emotional Train on the Tracks?

Is Your Emotional Train On the Tracks?        Everyone gets upset. Or angry. Or scared. Or frustrated. Or

Lies VS Truth

People lie. All people lie. Sometimes it’s a big lie and sometimes it’s a little lie. Sometimes the lie is

She-Shed, He-Shed, We All Need a Shed

Sanctuary.  Doesn’t that word just sound so, I don’t know, relaxing? And quiet?  And peaceful? And something that you so

Fighting With Yourself

We all spend a great deal of time waging internal wars that nobody else can see. We talk to ourselves

Take a Pause

Take a Pause… Imagine if life had a “pause” button.  When you were tired, you could hit pause and then

The Negative Power of Comparison

       There you are…in your new dress.  Or your new car. Or your new hat.  Or your new

Karmic Relationships – What Now?

This week we talk more about Karmic Relationships and how you should go about dealing with them...

A Karmic Relationship – What is it?

A Karmic Relationship – What is it?    Have you ever had that one relationship that you just seemed unable


   We all have an innate need to feel heard.  Every person, big or small, young or old, smart or

Balance and Flexibility

Flexibility and Balance Now, I’m a huge believer in routine and goal setting.  It is critical to success and if

You are not the center of anyone’s universe but your own

So earlier today while I was running errands, I saw something so, so very sad.  I was waiting at a

Asking for help

So, I don’t know why we are so bad at asking for help but I have some guesses.  For some

Life is not a race

You know that neighbor you have, the one whose yard always look so nice? The flower beds and window boxes


Love is the center of the universe.  It is the cosmic, psychic, spiritual glue that holds it all together.  There

A Testimonial From a Previous HTW Client

"Since I have been seeing Megan, I have been told I am not so unhappy. I have changed a lot and I think of things differently than before. I take one day at a time and don't try to look too far ahead like before. Sessions have helped me and I thank her for the tools she gave me. This has given me a different look at myself and others."​