So, this time of year often brings a huge feeling of being overwhelmed.  We have parties and dinners and gatherings and decorating and gifts to buy and then gifts to wrap.  Not to mention all of the other normal life things that need to happen like buying groceries, paying bills, changing diapers, and going to the job outside the home (if there is one).

Now, as we are all quite, quite aware, holidays this year have been and are going to continue to be very, very different.  And while it may seem like it might make things easier, what with not being allowed to have parties and dinners and gatherings and such, all of the other stuff still remains.  And then we have to factor in the “how” in regards to trying to celebrate with our loved ones, in some way.

So really, it seems people are more overwhelmed than ever before.  People are tired of Covid.  They are tired of quarantines.  They are tired of masks.  They are tired of sickness. They are tired of being afraid of getting sick.  Everyone is just plain tired.  And this is not the kind of tired that sleep fixes.  Oh no.  This is the kind of deep in your bones, deep in your soul tired that one hundred years of sleep wouldn’t be able to fix.

Basically, we are tired, and we are feeling the disappointment of our unmet expectations about not only this holiday season but this entire year.  And that’s a bad, bad combination.

So while I may sound like the beacon of misery, the misery that you already know, my intention is to actually do some encouraging.  Now, maybe even more than ever, is a time for us to find the deep veins of hope, love, and positivity that every single one of us has.   We may have to dig deep, very deep, but I promise it is there.

And once you find it, it’s not something that will stick around if you only mine it occasionally.  I mean, if you found a vein of gold, would you just take a little bit?  Uh…noooooo…. You’d take as much as you could, all of it even.  So what if I tell you that once you find this vein of gold within yourself, that it is endless?  That the supply of hope, love, and positively that lives inside each of us is bottomless?  You can mine it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of your life, and you will STILL never reach the end.

I know you’re tired.  I know this sucks.  I know that this is NOT how we thought 2020 would turn out.  But here we are, all together, all in the same predicament.  Can you imagine what would happen if everyone found that beautiful, sparkly vein of gold that lives inside and began to mine it and mine it consistently?  Oh, what a world, what a wonderful, wonderful world it would be.

And you, yes YOU deserve to be a part of that world.  You, in that world, EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.