Brain vs Body

So our brains are smart…super smart.  Our brains plan for us.  They store information for us.  They allow us to see joy in the world.  They allow us to feel things.  They keep us safe.  And healthy.  And whole.  But you know what’s smarter than our brains?  Our bodies!

Now, you may be wondering how that can be true.  I mean, our brains are the control center for everything, right?  Our brains run the show.  Our brains are the CEO, CFO, and COO of our lives while our bodies are just the vehicle that carry our brains around.

Well, if that’s truly what you think, your thinking may be wrong.  And here’s why.

All feelings and emotions that we experience, which then trigger thoughts and then more thoughts and then more thoughts, truly begin in the body.  Because we don’t recognize an emotion until the corresponding neurotransmitter (chemical) has been released into our nervous system and then our nervous system has the information that it needs so it can take action.  THEN our consciousness gets involved.

Here’s an example.  Let’s say that we have two people that are preparing to get up on stage and give a presentation.  Lucy loves, and I mean LOVES, to be in front of an audience.  She finds it invigorating.  And challenging.  And electrifying.

Sally, on the other hand, hates, and I mean HATES to be in front of an audience.  She finds it terrifying.  And unconquerable.  And like it’s an electric chair and she has been sentenced to her death.

Funny thing is that the same chemicals (especially adrenaline and norepinephrine) are being released in both Lucy and Sally’s brains.  It is an automatic response and they have NO control over it.  None whatsoever.

They also don’t have control over their organic thoughts and reactions that result from the chemicals being released.  For whatever reason, Lucy perceives the upcoming event as a good thing and Sally perceives it as a bad thing.  That’s brain stuff.  But the actual reaction?  That’s all body stuff.

So their bodies were able to sort out the fact that there was a potential threat (presentation) and release appropriate chemicals to help each presenter deal with it.  Then the brain gets in on the act and decides if the perceived threat is truly a threat or something else.

But their bodies knew first.  Their bodies decided that something had potential for something, be it good or be it bad.  Sally and Lucy and all of us have smart bodies. VERY smart.

So why don’t we listen?  Why don’t we believe our bodies when they tell us something?  Or worse, what if someone is so disconnected from their somatic (body) experiences that they miss all of the ques and information that the body provides?

Believe it or not, your body has your best interest in mind.  Your body craves balance and well-being.  And so it does all it can to alert you to the circumstances at hand, to keep you safe and well.  Listen to what your body is saying.  It is worth it.  And you, yes YOU are worth it!

A Testimonial From a Previous HTW Client

"Hi Megan, I have so many people interested in calling you, my mother, her friend, and my son, just to name a few. They can't believe the difference in my husband and I and how much better we feel after just one ART session each. I am so grateful. Thanks again."​