Certified Rehabilitation
and Licensed Mental Health


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Master of Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy is a form of psychotherapy with roots in existing evidence-based therapies but shown to achieve benefits much more rapidly (usually within 1-5 sessions). Clients with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, sexual abuse and many other mental and physical conditions can experience remarkable benefits starting in the first session. ART is not hypnosis.


Mon – Fri: 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Sat – Sun: Closed


A Testimonial From a Previous HTW Client

"My anxiety (and consequent panic attacks) intensified so badly to the point where I felt constant dread to face each day and the doom that I would never feel normal again. Going to therapy is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Just being able to talk to somebody who helped me to understand what I was going through truly benefited me. You gave me a fresh perspective on things and I am feeling SO much better! I actually feel almost 100% better! I’ve barely had any panic attacks because my anxiety is so so low. Over past two months, I can only think of two times I’ve felt that pit of anxiety of my chest, which disappeared and never came back for the rest of the day. That is just so major to me, as you know I was always worried about the anxiety coming back. I still can’t believe that it’s possible that I went from having about 5-10 panic attacks a day to absolutely none! I truly thank you for all your help. I never thought I was going to be able to enjoy life the way I am now."

A Satisfied ART Client