Root to Fruit Program

"Root to Fruit" cherry tree, represents the roots of the program

HTW Root to Fruit - Self-Talk

I love this! I’m going to do more tomorrow, but journaling all of these things and really looking into it was SO eye opening.” – DP
   The Root to Fruit program is a 21-day email program available to anyone interested in establishing a solid foundation that results in sustainable health and wellness and fulfilling relationships with both yourself and with others.  You will receive an daily email that will contain information, homework, or inspiration to keep on doing the work.  The assignments are designed to help you learn the tools necessary to improve your overall quality of life on a daily basis.
   There are are total of twelve roots in the RTF program with the first one being self-talk as that is something that so many people need help with.  New roots will sprout just about every month throughout 2020.
rtf cherry tree