Root to Fruit Program

HTW Root to Fruit Program

   The Root to Fruit program is a 21-day program available to anyone interested in establishing a solid foundation that results in sustainable health, wellness, and fulfilling relationships with both yourself and with others.  You will receive a daily lesson that will contain information, homework, or inspiration to keep on doing the work.  The assignments are designed to help you learn the tools necessary to improve your overall quality of life on a daily basis.
   There are are total of twelve roots in the RTF program with the first one being Self-talk as that is something that so many people need help with.  New roots will sprout just about every month throughout 2021

Root To Fruit modules pricing:

    • One module = $499
    • Three modules = $1,199
    • Six modules = $2,299
    • Nine modules = $3,499
    • Twelve modules = $4,700
rtf cherry tree


"I was on a run, thinking vaguely about the self-talk email, and then my mind wandered over to something negative, and I realized that so much of the stuff I'd felt since early childhood - feeling inferior, ugly, unwanted, of no worth, ashamed, etc...  - originated from me. I was telling myself that! I definitely think that a lot of my emotional baggage comes from my relationship with my parents, but it was super enlightening to realize that so much of those bad, empty, awful feelings weren't happening because it was true that I had no value. I think it was me trying to make sense of things - using those feelings as a defense mechanism to keep from being vulnerable. And since I started doing that at a really young age, it was such a part of me that I just sank into it. Of course it's very painful to realize this as well - I wish I could go back to my young self and wrap her up in a huge hug. But I think insight like this is part of the healing process. "
~ MG
"I just want to let you know how much I am learning through this program. I’ve been reading your emails out loud to my husband and he is also intrigued! I love that you give education along with everything. Some days are hard but I believe I am growing as a person for sure. Thank you for helping me through email and for creating this program."
~ Anonymous
"I love this! I’m going to do more tomorrow, but journaling all of these things and really looking into it was SO eye opening."
~ DP

A Testimonial From a Previous HTW Client

"Hi Megan, I have so many people interested in calling you, my mother, her friend, and my son, just to name a few. They can't believe the difference in my husband and I and how much better we feel after just one ART session each. I am so grateful. Thanks again."​