“Megan Gallagher is a gifted and experienced counselor. I began working with Megan several months ago and trusted her recommendation of utilizing ART to address some longstanding issues which were getting in the way of my living a fulfilling and healthy life.
ART has been a game-changer in my life. I no longer live life feeling as though I am hanging on for dear life and pulling myself through difficult situations through sheer force of will. I, with Megan’s experience and guidance, have been able to correct dysfunctional thoughts and emotional patterns which were robbing me of my life. It was exhausting fighting with my ‘inner self’ constantly, knowing I could do/be better but not having the strength to get out of my own way. My first ART session with Megan cleared up a traumatic event which had me locked in an anger loop and was destructive to my health, relationships, and mental status. Subsequent sessions corrected the ‘follow up’ issues that were connected to the initial one. I felt immediate relief after our sessions and am confident that I am heading in the right direction. I am calm and focused. I have moved out of the ‘fight or flight’ response. I am sleeping better. I can enjoy my life and relationships more fully. I am no longer trying to control the rage that was a constant thread through my life. My trigger is gone and I am not experiencing the daily waves of guilt which was a constant shadow over my life. People enjoy being around me more. And, the nasty inner critic gremlin who dominated my life for so long is nowhere to be found. I am so confident in Megan and her use of ART that I send my 16 year-old daughter in for weekly sessions. Her diagnosed panic disorder, anxiety, and depression have lessened to the point that she is a ‘new’ young woman. She, like me, adores the difficult work she is doing because she can see the results immediately. I am not going to lie, some of the work is incredibly painful in the moment. Megan is caring, attentive, and intuitive. She never leaves you in a bad place (which is something that I had to deal with repeatedly in traditional therapy). I believe in Megan and ART wholeheartedly and always carry a stack of her business cards with me. I enthusiastically endorse Megan and her work to everyone (especially when they ask ‘why’ I have changed and how I accomplished it.”

~ KC

"In the months since starting sessions, Megan and I have been able to work through multiple issues that were blocking me from progressing. ART dramatically empowers you, giving you the chance to overcome obstacles that previously seemed too massive to even think about."
~ MG
"I have been able to focus on myself and my needs over the past two years. Megan has been available during some times of crisis in my life after hours and has shown genuine concern for my well being. It is nice to have someone that you can rely on to have your best interests in mind during treatment. I would and have highly recommended her."
~ CD
"I feel like the tactic that we're doing of studying a little bit at a time is really going to work. My co-worker that is also studying for the police academy exam said that I have the upper hand because he did not have the help I have and that I should do fine come test day! So thank you for all of your help and I feel confident that I'll be ready come test day."
~ MM

“I have worked with Megan on my depression, alcohol abuse, and general anxiety and stress. She has been incredibly supportive and kind while also challenging me. Other counselors I have been to do not balance being supportive while pushing me past barriers like her. She has helped me to feel positive emotions about myself for the first time in my life. She does not let me be complacent either. She challenges me to try new experiences and leave my comfort zone. ART has helped me with triggering memories from my childhood and early adulthood. It has helped with reducing my feelings of depression and allowed me to be capable of positive self-talk and emotions.” 


"Megan has been a great support to me during the life changing events I have had going on the past year. She is a genuine person who cares about the success of her clients. She has helped me resolve old issues that were adversely effecting my life that I had not addressed previously. She has been amazing!"
~ KM
"I absolutely love working with Megan and would 100% recommend her to anyone. The work she does is amazing and so effective. I love going and honestly look forward to it every week. I have been going to therapy most of my life and I can confidently say that this is the only therapy that has really helped and been effective. Megan is the most down to earth and radical person ever. 🙂 She's so sweet and easy to talk to. I 100% recommend seeing her."​
~ GC
"Working with Megan has been great! She really helps me get to the bottom of my issues and helps me identify what is and isn't working. She reinforces my positive beliefs and helps me with my negative ones. Talking with her is like talking with an old friend who gives excellent advice and who isn't afraid to challenge you from time to time."
~ NB
My anxiety (and consequent panic attacks) intensified so badly to the point where I felt constant dread to face each day and the doom that I would never feel normal again. Going to therapy is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Just being able to talk to somebody who helped me to understand what I was going through truly benefited me. You gave me a fresh perspective on things and I am feeling SO much better! I actually feel almost 100% better! I’ve barely had any panic attacks because my anxiety is so so low. Over past two months, I can only think of two times I’ve felt that pit of anxiety of my chest, which disappeared and never came back for the rest of the day. That is just so major to me, as you know I was always worried about the anxiety coming back. I still can’t believe that it’s possible that I went from having about 5-10 panic attacks a day to absolutely none! I truly thank you for all your help. I never thought I was going to be able to enjoy life the way I am now.

~ A Satisfied ART Client​

"Megan has been a great support to me during the life changing events I have had going on the past year. She is a genuine person who cares about the success of her clients. She has helped me resolve old issues that were adversely effecting my life that I had not addressed previously. She has been amazing!"​
~ KM
"Never before have I ever felt so comfortable and trust worthy in a therapeutic environment. Megan has created a "zen like" atmosphere in her treatment room. Calm, safe, thoughtful. I would, and have, recommended Megan to two of my closest friends. She has saved me ANOTHER 20 years of therapy with ART and her gentle and kind manner."​
~ DS
"Megan has been so integral to my life, clear thinking and to my opportunity to illicit change. I literally was unable examine my situation without her. Between her incredible clinical skill, personal interest, and caring attention and the availability of ART magic, she has helped make clear the most challenging part of my life."
~ KS
I have always said everyone should see a therapist in their life because we all have stuff to work through, yet I never did but was the one others came to for advice and a different perspective. 2017 changed my life. The loss and pain I went through broke me like nothing else ever had. My time had come to reach out for help. After searching I came across Megan Gallagher. We interacted through email and text. With my crazy work schedule it ended up being two weeks before I could get into her office. She suggested we could start through email if I was comfortable with that to get the ball rolling. From the very first email it was very comfortable and I felt more relaxed in my everyday life. As the visits continued, I am more myself dealing with my day to day life, which at points I could not do before. Between our conversations and my brief yet amazing result from ART, I don’t focus on all of the stuff and the pain. I remember it but no longer live in it. Thank you.

~ DK

"The truth is Megan is very objective and this allows me to see all sides and form or support my own opinions. Her attributes as a counselor are too intense to list and my respect for her immeasurable."
~ JP
"Anxiety has been a severe issue of mine for a lot of years. I started to benefit from ART therapy after just one session! Looking forward to see how far I can go to become completely anxiety free with the help of Megan!"
~ LH
"Sessions with Megan are helpful and thought provoking. She challenges you to develop new approaches to your daily routines in order to effect real change."
~ A Satisfied Client
In the last 35+ years of my life, I have had a lot of ups and downs.  I never thought that it would be this tough to figure out. I always thought that I would just be able to work around my issues.  For the last three years I have had some awesome people put in my path.  I have been so blessed to have you on my team.  I needed to open up into my inner self.  Thank god we finally got there. Thank you very much.

~ LB

"Out of all the therapists I've had, you have been one of my favorites and I appreciate working with you. You have made a difference in my life. You are very intelligent and you are a very good therapist. I won't forget the good impact you had on me. I thank you, Megan!"
~ MW
"Thank you for the extra inspiration! I spend a lot of time over-thanking people, sometimes the wrong people. But to have you support me is a big thing for me. I just want to say I appreciate it. I really do. I promise to go to school and be the person you know I can be. I might just need your help (guidance)."​
~ TC
"I'm sorry if I was unpleasant, unholy, and/or just flat out mean. The stir-craziness is quite hellish. I do want to thank you. You are honestly my favorite person to ever see but I hope to never see you again under these terms."
~ Z (A Client in Crisis)
Hi Megan, I really am quite amazed at how well I’m feeling since I met with you (to do ART). I’ve decided to cancel my appointment. You remain in my phone book just in case. I am constantly referring people to you! Thank you for your kindness.

~ CS

"Hi Megan, I have so many people interested in calling you, my mother, her friend, and my son, just to name a few. They can't believe the difference in my husband and I and how much better we feel after just one ART session each. I am so grateful. Thanks again."​
~ BF
"Since I have been seeing Megan, I have been told I am not so unhappy. I have changed a lot and I think of things differently than before. I take one day at a time and don't try to look too far ahead like before. Sessions have helped me and I thank her for the tools she gave me. This has given me a different look at myself and others."​
~ WT
"Hi Megan. Just wanted to let you know I haven't felt this good in years. Thank you so very much for what you do. Still very happy I also told some friends and I'm sure they will be contacting you."
~ a Satisfied ART Client

“Megan goes above and beyond to provide the best possible experience for her clients. She is extremely encouraging and has provided me with a balance of both affirmations and constructive criticism when  necessary.  She leads you to challenge yourself with new ways of thinking, free from judgement.  Megan is flexible and works with your schedule, and has always been available to help when needed, even during off hours and between appointments. I have recommended Megan to numerous friends who have also found great value in the amazing work that she does with her clients.”

~ JB

"I was thinking of you the other day! You really helped me out during rough times."
~ EB
"She's great and easy to talk to and open up to! " :-)​
~ KL
"Megan was very empathetic and understanding."
~ a Zencare client

I was on a run, thinking vaguely about the self-talk email, and then my mind wandered over to something negative, and I realized that so much of the stuff I’d felt since early childhood – feeling inferior, ugly, unwanted, of no worth, ashamed, etc…  – originated from me. I was telling myself that!

I definitely think that a lot of my emotional baggage comes from my relationship with my parents, but it was super enlightening to realize that so much of those bad, empty, awful feelings weren’t happening because it was true that I had no value.

I think it was me trying to make sense of things – using those feelings as a defense mechanism to keep from being vulnerable. And since I started doing that at a really young age, it was such a part of me that I just sank into it.

Of course it’s very painful to realize this as well – I wish I could go back to my young self and wrap her up in a huge hug. But I think insight like this is part of the healing process.

~ EG

"Megan was a very good listener and asked good questions of me."
~ a satisfied ZenCare client
"He had a good test today. No panic, no feeling of being overwhelmed. Felt like it was doable. You are awesome!!"
~ a satisfied parent of a high schooler preparing for the SAT
"Megan was very responsive, and I was able to get an appointment!"
~ GR

I enjoy my time with Megan. It’s nice to be able to have someone to talk to about your life. She is a great listener and helps me get through my week. Megan is extremely knowledgeable.

~ NS

A Testimonial From a Previous HTW Client

"Sessions with Megan are helpful and thought provoking. She challenges you to develop new approaches to your daily routines in order to effect real change."

A Satisfied Client