male and female brains

The third side…

Most of us know that there are two sides to our brain.  The left side of our brain is all about being analytical and methodical in how you think.  It is where logic, language, and reasoning all live and is called, appropriately, the “logical brain.”  I would also add that it is here where we tend see that the glass as half empty.  The other side, the right side is all about being creative and artistic.  It is where emotions, music, art, and intuition all live and is called, appropriately, the “emotional brain.” And it is here where we tend to see the glass as half full.

However, there seems to be a place in the middle, a place of balance, that often goes unrecognized or even ignored by both the right and left sides.  This is where we can see both sides of any situation, and where we are able recognize that not only is our emotional brain valid but our logical brain is valid too, both at the same time.  Here, in this middle place, is where we simply just see a glass of water.  This is a place where judgement is suspended and both emotions and logic are allowed to co-exist with one another, where they are two halves of the whole.  They are not at odds here, but rather together they create a synchronistic flow of energy.

So why is this important?  Why is it important to recognize that there is a place of balance that already lives inside of us?  

The reason for this is simple.  It is important because so many people think that they do NOT have any balance, that it is something that they have to work for, work really, really, REALLY hard for.  And while working hard to find balance is valid, it’s also important to realize that you are working hard to uncover something that lives naturally inside of you already.  You are not creating a new skill but rather making the one that is there, stronger.  It’s like deciding you want to have bigger biceps.  Do you have to go out and actually create a new bicep?  No, and even the thought of that sounds silly.  You already have the muscle and you just need to work it out to make it bigger.  Well, balance is the same thing.  

So what happens when someone starts to see that balance is innately a part of us, a part of how our brains function?  Does it sound like balance would be harder to achieve or easier?  I’m guessing you said easier.  And that’s right!  

Balance is already in us!  Literally!  Every part of our body, every muscle, every fiber, every single cell is constantly working toward achieving what’s called homeostasis.  The official definition of this is “the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements especially as maintained by physiological processes.”  So what this means, in a nutshell is that your entire body is constantly working to maintain balance!  So it’s already in you!  Balance is in you!  It’s a place where both sides exist and both sides are right … not only right but harmoniously right.