Love is the center of the universe.  It is the cosmic, psychic, spiritual glue that holds it all together.  There is nothing more powerful than love, nothing more fulfilling than love, nothing more desirable than love.  The problem is that people need it so badly that they are frequently willing to go to any length to get it.  Another problem is that it can be falsely achieved through things that are less-than-healthy.  Drugs are a perfect example.  When one starts using drugs, the people in his/her inner drug-circle become his/her best friends, his/her closest confidants, his/her family.  But in a moment of truth and redemption, these people will rarely, if ever, be there through thick and thin.  It is just the worship of false idols.  Any time we substitute pure love with something else, even if it seems to be real, we are worshipping a false idol.  It is not that God* wants us to worship only Him.  It’s that God wants us to be in a place of pure love always.  ALWAYS.  There are a million substitutes for it, all of which offer the appearance of being real and substantial.  But they are not.  Love is the only thing that’s real, it is the only thing that God wants for us, and it is the only thing that matters.

*Please note that whenever the term “God” is used, I mean it as an encompassing term that covers all beings of worship that represent love in the universe, regardless of the actual religion. When it all comes down to it, “God” is the representation of life and all of its joys and struggles to regain oneness with love in the most pure sense of the word.