overwhelming media display


So we are all exposed to the media pretty much all of the time, whether it’s on our phones, on our laptops, on our TV’s, or at the newsstand.  Media is all around us, everywhere we look.  Other people are constantly trying to persuade us to buy something or try something or think something.  That’s media’s purpose – to sway the masses.  

But what’s funny is that no matter who you are, no matter what point you’re trying to make, no matter what side you fall on, no matter what your argument or belief is, you can find information that supports it.  Both sides.  All sides.  There is data to support whatever you want!  So, if that’s true, then how can only one side be right?

What would happen if we all begin to view media for what it is – a way to spread the information that the proverbial “they” decide is important.  There is an endless supply of “news” in the world.  If you were to compare Fox to CNN to the BBC, they will have some stuff that’s the same but also some stuff that’s different, vastly different.  And then there are a gazillion things in between that nobody hears about.  So how do we know that what “they” are saying is true?  Why do we trust them?

By always and only trusting others, what happens to our own thoughts and beliefs?  Doesn’t listening to someone else often discount or discredit what we organically think, all on our own?  How often have you researched an issue only to find out that you have a whole other issue to worry about, because that’s what Dr. Google said?  

This may sound like I’m suggesting that we totally ignore the media and the news.  And for some highly sensitive people (HSP’s) and many empaths, this is a very important coping strategy, and may be one of the few ways to stay safe from being inundated with information, some true, some not, but most somewhere in between.  There is always more to the story.  ALWAYS.  But ignoring it completely is not always the answer either.

So instead of either believing the news in its entirety or disbelieving the news in its entirely, try taking it all with a grain of salt.  Try thinking about what happened leading up to the news clip and then what happened afterwards.  Try to remember that everyone has an agenda (yes, you do too) and try to remember that we are only seeing the very tippy top of any and all icebergs.

Do your research.  Pay attention.  And listen.  Listen to both sides before you pass judgment.  Everyone and everything has gotten to where they are for a reason.  And those reasons are important.   But at the end of the it all, just remember that we are all human and we should all be kind to ourselves and to others.  

Because they deserve it.  And you, yes YOU deserve it too.

Mine your light.