Change – the Only Thing in Life That’s Constant

Change - The Only Thing In LIfe That's Constant

If I had told you at the start of 2018 that you would be starting 2019 by:

  • bringing home a new baby
  • getting engaged
  • getting divorced
  • getting into a car accident
  • being diagnosed with cancer
  • losing both parents
  • fill in the blank

…you would have said that I was a crazy person.  You would have never believed me and would have said that I was being ridiculous.  Yet, here you are.  You are at that place that you never thought you’d be.  And if you’re not there today, maybe tomorrow or the next day or even the day after that.  Regardless of when, the point is that you WILL be at that place where a year ago you never thought you’d be at.  We all get there.  And we all get there regularly.

Change is the only thing in life that is constant.  It is the only thing we can always count on.  Well, that and the fact that at the end of it all, we will all find our final resting place in some dirt (so to speak…yes, there are other options, but work with me here).  Change is it.  It’s what we have and it’s what we know.  Yet we dread it and we hate it and we resist it.   Why?

While change is constant, it is hard.  It is scary.  It is unknown.  It provides us with potential outcomes that we often have control over, which is also hard and scary and unknown.

To be blunt, people tend to be lazy. They tend to not want to own their circumstances. They are often reluctant at considering the idea that each life event and every single decision has gotten them to exactly where they are today.  And where they are is often a place they don’t like.  So if they agree that they have influenced where they are, then it’s “their own fault” that they are there.  And people don’t like that.

But what happens if you shift your perspective a little bit and start to look at it like this:  yes, I got myself to THIS place but that also means that I can get myself to A DIFFERENT place.  If I can get here, I can get anywhere. 

This sounds so simple on paper, doesn’t it?  But putting it into practice is where folks tend to struggle.  Blame is way easier than ownership.  And people often look for the easy way out. 

Success, happiness, goal attainment, etc. do not happen because people are lazy.  They do not generally just happen out of sheer dumb luck.  They happen because people set their eyes on the prize and move toward the goal.  They happen because people decided THAT’S what they want and so that’s what they work for.  They don’t buck against change.  They move with it.  They accept it as part of life and use it to their advantage.  Instead of seeing things as roadblocks, they see them as redirections.  And these redirections are typically for the best, whether it be because things are actually easier or because there are still more lessons left to learn.  You can certainly say that this is a very Pollyanna way of looking at struggles but is battling with yourself and with your circumstances working for you?  Is it helping you reach happiness, success, joy?  The answer is likely not. 

So embrace change.  Embrace your own power.  Be grateful that you have the ability to choose, every day, your state of mind.


A Testimonial From a Previous HTW Client

"I'm sorry if I was unpleasant, unholy, and/or just flat out mean. The stir-craziness is quite hellish. I do want to thank you. You are honestly my favorite person to ever see but I hope to never see you again under these terms."

Z (A Client in Crisis)