So there is a misconception out there that we are living in an unprecedented time.  However, pandemics are not new and this whole Covid thing is not the first time that a virus was super contagious and killed a LOT of people.  But, it seems like this might be the first time that we are clearly seeing that a sense of entitlement and individualism is prevalent and running rampant, at least in the US.

Now, I’m not here to get into a political debate (although it may sound that way) but I do think that the idea of individualism vs. collectivism is an important one. And mask wearing is best looked at through that lens.

Wearing a mask is not necessarily about you being afraid of getting the virus.  Wearing a mask is not about being told by the government, restaurant manager, or small business owner what to do.  Wearing a mask is really about kindness.

So, let’s just say for a second that you know that the virus isn’t real.  Let’s just say that you have some secret information and you are 100% confident that it’s not contagious and that you will not get it nor spread it.  If this were true, you’d probably feel ok without wearing a mask, right?  You might even feel better not wearing a mask!  I mean, let’s be honest…masks are hot and uncomfortable.

Ok, so we’ve established that you have secret information that Covid is not a risk and therefore masks are not necessary.  But let’s say that nobody else knows this and consequently everyone else is scared because they have asthma, or are in treatment for cancer, or have COPD, or one of a thousand other things, other invisible things, that you know nothing about but puts them at risk and causes them great fear of catching Covid.  Do you think that they are going to believe you and your secret information?  Probably not.

So what would happen if instead of viewing mask wearing as an inconvenience to you, you view it as an act of kindness to others?  Because remember, everyone is fighting some sort of battle that you know nothing about.  So be kind.  Be kind always.  Because you, yes YOU deserve to feel how good it feels to be kind and you also deserve to feel how good it feels when someone is kind to you and thoughtful about the invisible battles that you are fighting.

So please… Be kind.  Wear your mask.  And mine your light.