sneaker that stepped in gum
sneaker that stepped in gum


Everyone gets stuck in one way or another. Writers have a fun thing called “writers block.” People working on weight loss have a fun thing called “reaching a plateau.” Runners have a fun thing called “hitting the wall.” Good times.

As I’m sure you can see, there is one thing in common with each of these. And that is the writer, working-outer, and runner all feel stuck. They feel trapped. They feel like they can’t get over, under, through, or around the invisible thing that is preventing them from moving forward.

But the thing is that each of these people actually do have the power to get over, under, through, or around. Well, at least they do if they believe that they do.

See, feeling stuck is really a mindset and a way in which one thinks about their scenario. It’s the type of relationship that someone has with the goal or the target or the task. And when someone feels stuck, the relationship is usually not in a very good place. Perhaps it’s even become toxic. Or scary. Or overwhelming.

So how do we get over being stuck? How do we change our relationship with our goal from being toxic back into being healthy? There are a few things to consider.

First, perhaps the goal is no longer appropriate. Perhaps through all of your hard work and effort you’ve realized that the goal isn’t something that is actually worth it. And if that’s the case, it’s simply time to change the goal. And I’m here to tell you that it is ALWAYS ok to change the goal or move the target. Always. After all, the only thing we are guaranteed in life (besides birth and death) is change. Things change. And it’s important to be flexible enough to accommodate this.

Second, perhaps the goal is still relevant and therefore getting a block or hitting a plateau simply means that it’s time to find another path. So, if creating art in some way is the goal, perhaps you need a change of scenery or sound. If weight loss is the goal, maybe you need to switch up your macronutrients. If running a marathon is the goal, perhaps you need to change up your training program. Think of it like this…if you are driving to get someplace and the bridge is washed out, it doesn’t mean you need to cancel the trip. It just means you need to find a different way to get there.

Lastly, perhaps the goal is still relevant, and you’ve decided that the path you are on to reach the goal is the correct and only path you can see and/or are willing to take. Then what? You are blocked or at a plateau and see no possibility of more movement. What do you do? What CAN you do? You can keep going! You can keep moving! You can keep your eye on the prize and relentlessly pursue that which you desire! Because after all, the most sure-fire way to not reach a goal is to stop.

And you, yes YOU deserve to reach your goals! You, yes YOU deserve to mine your light.