Covid Guilt

Ok, so we are months, and I mean MONTHS deep into this whole Covid thing.  And I can say that I’m super lucky because it has not yet directly entered my own backyard…until last week.  

For the first time, I had two, not just one, but TWO totally unrelated clients with confirmed cases.  Now, this is not to say that other clients haven’t had it, as I have had quite a few that likely did but it was before testing was a thing or at least an available thing.  But last week all that changed.

Logically, I knew that Covid guilt was a thing.  I mean, how could it not be?  But to see what happened to my clients was pretty intense.  Here’s how it went down…

Both clients were following required protocol…masks, social distancing, etc.  The only thing that they weren’t doing was being in a full self-quarantine. They were both working very hard to find a balance between being safe and losing their minds as quarantine fatigue is totally real.

So anyway, both were exposed but didn’t know (obviously).  Both started to feel a little icky but didn’t think too much of it as there are a gazillion reasons someone might feel under the weather, including stress, allergies, a cold, etc.  And then when both tested positive, the guilt that dragged them under was like an ocean wave pinning them to the sandy bottom.  They felt responsible.  They felt irresponsible.  They felt selfish.  They felt horrified.  They Monday-morning quarterbacked every single thing they did.  And (weird), they felt even worse after doing it.

I’m here to tell you that this guilt thing is real.   And there is no solution to it other than my favorite topic, SELF TALK!  So unless you intentionally licked someone or inhaled a Covid-positive person’s breath, odds are you did NOT get Covid on purpose and therefore, unless you intentionally licked someone or exhaled on someone after a Covid-positive test, you have NOTHING to feel guilty about.  

We are in a global pandemic.  Now, if you are doing your best to remain conservative and cautious and you’re wearing your mask, social distancing, washing your hands, etc., then there is literally nothing more you can do besides hiding in a hole.  And for one’s mental health, I would suggest staying away from that option.

Now, if you have complete disregard for the guidelines and are acting as if we are NOT in a global pandemic and you happen to get sick…and to get other sicks…well, there’s not much to say here other than own your shit and perhaps use your previously complacent behavior as a starting point with which to help educate others going forward, once you are feeling well.  But outside of that…


So please use this time to practice both self-care and self-talk.  Both are critical right now as things energetically are shifting.  We are in a very tenuous time and place and it’s important to be mindful of how you treat you.  Because you, yes YOU deserve to feel safe and calm and loved by this world.  Because everyone needs your light, including YOU!