Elders of Light Group Membership

$39.99 / month



Elders of Light group membership is $39.99 per month

“According to Mental Health America, 43.4 million Americans currently struggle with some sort of behavioral health issue. Mentalhealth.gov states that behavioral health,

“includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress and relate to others, and make choices. “

In the United States alone, 137.4 million adults report that they have seen a counselor at some time in their lives to help them make better choices.

Here To There Wellness is committed to making a difference in these bleak numbers by providing users with free blogs/vlogs and resources to help individuals integrate various Self-Talk therapies into their life. We want to provide users who would like targeted advice and 1 on 1 guidance with a group and service they can utilize to get even more out of Self-Talk and subsequent programs, that is why we put together the Elder’s of Light Group.

Elders of Light is a program designed to help individuals utilize Self-Talk therapy to improve their lives.

EoL members receive:

  • One free Root-To-Fruit Module every six months you are a member
  • Discounts on RTF modules and other Here To There Wellness Merchandise and Services
  • Access to the Group Forum and Chat
  • A free bumper sticker upon sign-up





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